Gestation Seven
by Stewart Willis

"It had all gone wrong. Now it was murder. He was involved in a murder. The thought raced through his mind, ricocheting back and forth. He wanted to scream."

Does altering a natural human function cause more harm than good? This is what readers will question as they follow David Neale's journey after a science experiment gone wrong, an experiment that was supposed to help women decrease their gestation period.

Reporter Mary Murphy of the Alexandria, Virginia newspaper, comes across a crime scene on the way home that changes her involvement in a new case. As two dead babies are pulled from a dumpster behind a restaurant, the minds of citizens in Alexandria begin to race. The story picks up speed and the attention of surrounding areas. Soon, police are looking for those who may have been involved.

David, a simple man and gifted scientist, knows his experiment is connected to these deceased babies, but hasn't a clue how they died. He alternates between lawyers and motels, and even has an affair to try to save himself and prove his innocence. Detectives become involved, inquiring how these babies are connected with David and his two missing NIH science lab colleagues. With his marriage on the rocks, his life beings to fall apart within a matter of days

Questions of morals and the character of others add drama to this story, showing themes of right vs. wrong and science vs. nature. Each chapter portrays the perspective of a different character, revealing how everyone plays a crucial role in determining David Neale's outcome. Plot twists keep the reader engaged throughout and challenge the reader to take sides in this debate. This is an appealing thriller with elements of science, crime, and suspense.

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