"Plain and simple, true love never fails. God sees to that. Life is about living, learning and loving."

Drawing from his background as a human resources specialist, Christian talk show host, and motivational speaker—but, most importantly, as a man looking for love—the author provides a straightforward approach for men and women to establish a healthy relationship with one another. The FACTS in the title is an acronym that represents the ingredients that must be present in a loving, Christian relationship: friendship, affirmation, communication, trust, and support. Combining hypothetical situations, personal accounts, and Biblical scripture, readers will be able to see what was missing from previous relationships and what needs to be a part of any future romantic endeavors. More than just a five-step process, there are also chapters about being honest, how to deal with hard times together, the importance of faith and maintaining a constant belief system, and more.

What’s so great about this book is how Hamwright gets to the reader’s level right away. There’s nothing condescending or judgmental in the advice contained in this book, even as it discusses physical relationships on one hand and living the Bible in the other. Instead, that energy is focused on teaching and sharing what makes being in love great and how to identify a good thing that can be made great versus believing that you can just accept things how they are in order to keep one’s love life stable. There is a constant push by this book to improve, to self-reflect, and to analyze what one needs and what more one can offer his or her partner to truly give and receive love. If you want an honest but considerate perspective to examine what you have to offer and what you need from a potential husband or wife, there aren’t many books better than this to turn to.

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