A Glimpse of an Avatar
by Swann Wyte

"I have witnessed a miracle today. I have heard the avatar talking to Murli and asking him to support your organization–exactly as I wrote it out of my imagination."

Wyte, writing as a fictional biographer, zealously travels worldwide, collecting information and writing stories about intriguing people and their organizations. After a chance meeting on a plane with Dr. Mark Gordon, the World Chairman of The Guru Ishwar's worldwide movement of charitable groups and societies, Wyte learns of Dharma Pal, the founder and administrator of The Ishwar Free Medical Center on Bonanza Island in the Indian Ocean. Wyte has visited devotees' homes witnessing miracles and materializations of objects by their avatar, Guru Ishwar. Though he has not yet met the Guru, he is an admirer, and diligently recorded their miraculous stories.

After meeting with Dharma Pal, an Indian in his early sixties, the story unfolds. Pal emphasizes the Guru's compassionate leadership and how his followers dedicate themselves to selfless service to their communities. He quotes the Guru: "Hands that serve are holier."

While applying the idealistic principles of the avatar, Pal discovers that not all the board members are fervently devoted to carrying out their chosen duties. Tenure of office becomes a contentious issue, as some members insist on retaining their positions despite little desire or availability to responsibly perform their tasks. Absurdly, checking inventory and making certain that toilet paper is purchased becomes problematic.

Addressing the complexities of benevolently maintaining a non-profit organization while handling disputes, jealousies, intrigues, and legalities proves challenging. Devotees of Guru Ishwar are advised to heed his words: "The most powerful force in the universe is truth, and truth is God. Truth is the real power, and it will win in the end. That is the divine law."

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