God, Darwin and the Problem of Evil
by James J. Garber
Trafford Publishing

"Whether your God is theistic or deistic He has created an evolutionary world full of evil because suffering is necessary for us humans to become better, stronger, smarter, more resourceful and more moral."

In exploring the history of the expanding universe, the history of evil (both moral and natural evil), and solutions to the problem of evil, the book begins with a big bang. He examines the science of evolution, the origin of life on Earth, and how evolution solves the problem of evil. We are taken further into examining evil as the absence of good and focusing on various religious practices such as Taoism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam, Gnosticism, and others. Likewise, the book also examines various philosophers and theologians and their beliefs on evil, such as Epicurus, Aquinas, Luther, Kant, and Calvin.

Garber's background along with his own speculations demonstrates a work that was thoroughly researched on both professional and personal levels. Citing research and using a number of tables, the author offers a professional slant to the writing and bases his premises on this information. allowing a valuable insight into the topic. In-depth focus on the development of the universe, God, theology, philosophy, and evil reveals an interesting exploration. His ability to explore these concepts in a reader-friendly manner exposes readers to information that they may not have encountered in other works, especially his focus on evolution and solving the problem of evil.

Over fifty pages of the book are repeat chapters, which may have been an omission of other relevant material or simply pages that must be skipped. One may agree or disagree with the thesis of advancement through pain/evil/suffering, but overall this is a thoughtful work and one worth salvaging.

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