"Humans put us on human time—not on God’s time."

New Zealander Stanley David Rainbow has put together a collection of ideas and thoughts that he believes were sent by God to inspire him and others. The “quotations” as he calls them are offered as single sentences, followed by a slightly longer explanation or “understanding.” Some of the quotations are about purely spiritual matters, such as, “When on earth all human beings must be prepared for God’s words.” The author follows this with the comment: “As a human on this earth we must be ready for God’s words sometime in our lives.” An example of a quotation about more mundane but important matters is, “There’s always a fine line between insanity and genius,” followed by the amplification, “There is always a thin line between being sane or insane as a person we do not get a paper to say which we are.” Many of the quotations speak of the struggle between God and Satan, with warnings about the wrong path. The briefest of the quotations, no less significant for its length, is, “No God no life.”

Rainbow’s book is short and easy to read; each quotation is presented in large type and underlined in red, with the augmenting comment underneath, of smaller but still quite readable size. There is no doubt of the author’s sincere wish to share his revelations for the guidance and benefit of others, though some readers might wish to know more about the process by which the sayings came to him. A simple, comprehensible group of statements on religious and earthly matters that affect us all, God Inspired Quotations and Understandings may aid those on a spiritual quest.

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