"We believed that parenthood was a noble calling, a mutual creative experience with God to help His spirit children progress by experiencing and learning from mortal life."

Openshaw presents the reader with a mother’s poignant journal of love, loss, and faith. The book is a true chronicle of a devoted, spiritual couple with nine kids who are committed to faith in God and the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A reader better understands the etiology and challenges of primary immunodeficiency disease with the author’s simple and accurate medical description of it. She sees the many challenges she experiences in her life as an opportunity to strengthen her faith, build parenting skills, and become a better person. Her dedication to her family and church is evident and inspiring in this life story. A reader also gets to know her late husband, Mike, through his journal entries dispersed throughout the book.

Readers will find this book sad and heartrending as the author reviews the many tragedies in her life including the deaths of three sons, her husband, her best friend, her sister, and her father. The author’s bravery is evident as she navigates the challenges of raising a large family, finishing college at an older age, and experiencing the wrath of cancer in her family. Her journals and poems provide a glimpse into the loving and positive outlook she has on life. Readers familiar with the immune deficiency experienced by her children will find important and possibly lifesaving information in her account. Her strong foundation of faith is demonstrated by her description of God’s kindness and patience during difficult times. This book will pull at the heartstrings of the reader and likely strengthen one’s faith.

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