God’s Therapy & Cure by S. D. Lucifer: A Play
by M. F. Taylor
LitFire Publishing

"Is it possible that Lucifer volunteered to save not only the Garden Play from certain obscurity, but also God from His own limited unconscious perfectionism?"

Advertised as a play but containing much more than a simple night’s entertainment, this play is framed as a creation from Lucifer directed toward God in order to have him elevate humanity to a place beyond war and irreversible damage to the Earth. In the play, Dr. Fag (Lucifer) is providing therapy in Heaven’s Dungeon to General Peti, Seven Star Commander of the World Forces (and actually God) who is trapped in the mannerisms and short-sightedness of a human being. Desperate to make a breakthrough, Dr. Fag continues to work with Peti as bombs fall. Meanwhile, Peti exists in a confused state, insistent upon his assumed identity while also defending his historical and biblical choices as the Almighty.

Using references to philosophical texts like those by Sartre, Kierkegaard, and Wilber rolled up into a raucous work of playacting and cheeky dialogue, there’s a tremendous amount of substance beneath the surface of this two-act play. The meat of the play itself is often a high-energy spectacle despite its limited cast thanks to absurdist asides and even a handful of musical numbers. But when considered as the center of the rest of the book’s sections—the introductory essay, the substantial glossary, and a reference list of further readings—readers can decode the giant philosophical questions of creation, higher powers, and even the meaning of life. Intentionally toeing the line between a stage play and a life spent pondering questions nobody can answer with complete certainty, this book works to achieve what is written here as Lucifer’s plan: to create what appears as simple entertainment but also reach to push its audience to a higher level of consciousness and advance the species forward.

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