Good Guy Gone Bad: Book II
by Lagantra Outen

"More shots were fired into the hallway. They all had to get a grip on their situation and fight back if they wanted to live."

Picking up after the previous book in the series, in this story Shakur is tracked down by the police. They put him away for the murders that happened when Money Mel tried to double-cross him. No trail exists to tie Lagant and Khalil to the crime, so they must simply wait for Shakur to get out of jail to get the money that he promised them. In the meantime, Lagant tries to get back to his normal life, living with Jada and his daughter Iesha while trying to get some extra action on the side. Lagant’s womanizing ways catch up to him, though, and soon his whole life starts to crumble down around him when the women in his life have enough of his cheating.

The author does a great job of showing us two sides of Lagant: his confident, swaggering extroverted self and a private side that is a little more unsure of his actions and desperate for some peace and stability. The reader knows what he values and what he’s pursuing, but as his options become narrower and narrower, they can only watch as his choices lead him down an unhappy path. Characters in this book speak authentically, with perfectly captured slang and dialect for characters in the Navy and in urban Virginia. Combined with the jumps from action to drama to romance, the audience will be immersed in the world of this book as they follow Lagant’s journey to pursue his own dreams while trying to do right by himself. Any person looking for real characters in real situations coupled with the fiction of trying to escape from consequences will enjoy this story.

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