Guilty but Forgiven
by Somi Omowo

"He wondered what was the cause of Gbemi’s change of mood and had played events of that evening over and over in his mind."

In Nigeria, two lives are about to intersect and create a relationship that will be unpredictable and difficult but potentially life-changing. Gbemi is a third-year undergraduate in economics at the University of Ilisan and in love with her boyfriend, the chivalrous and caring Seun. However, Gbemi and Seun’s intimacy has resulted in an unexpected pregnancy that neither of them is prepared to deal with. Leke Adedeji is a brilliant medical student and a born-again Christian. His girlfriend Tolu and he are very happy, but Tolu wants to have sex while Leke is saving himself for marriage. The ensuing break-up distracts him to the point where Leke fails his course in Medicine and has to repeat his testing. A complication in Gbemi’s abortion brings her and Leke together, but neither knows how important the other will prove to be in their lives.

Readers can tell early on that this is either going to be a story of missed connections with a happy ending or a tale of star-crossed lovers doomed to suffer. The journey to these destinations is surprising and effective at combining the two, blending the familiar and predictable with the unexpected and tragic. In many ways, this is a story that goes beyond romance and is rather a story about faith. Leke’s and later Gbemi’s Christian beliefs are what allow them to access one another and heal and forgive the various hurts in their lives. Their faith in God’s plan is what allows them to proceed even when the odds seem stacked against them both. All of this creates a spiritual, romantic story about two people who are successful but damaged as individuals and who find peace and completion in each other. Fans of romance or the spiritually inclined will delight at the story presented here.

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