Hairy Lemon Cookbook

by Simon Cooper

"If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, then you’re lucky enough."

For years, Dubliners and visitors to this storied city have known exactly where to go for traditional Irish fare, friendly banter, and of course, a pint or two. The Hairy Lemon is a renowned Irish pub and restaurant that finally boasts its own cookbook. In both taste and style, this cookbook does not disappoint. Browsing the recipes is like taking a trip to The Emerald Isle. When flipping through a new cookbook, most people tend to skip reading the preface, but it’s worth taking a few minutes to read Cooper’s introduction. Readers will get a keen sense of the atmosphere of Dublin. And, of course, find out how The Hairy Lemon got its name.

The collection of recipes includes well-known Irish staples like traditional Irish stew, potato and leek soup, cottage pie, and beer battered fish. It also features recipes that may not be as familiar to international readers, such as colcannon, champ mash, and boxty. When it’s time for dessert, this cookbook certainly lives up to the famed Irish love of the pint. Chocolate mousse, chocolate velvet cake, strawberry fool, and apple cake serve as delectable vehicles for the likes of Guinness Stout, Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur, and Paddy Irish Whiskey. For those who prefer their beverages less diluted, the mixed drinks recipes are conveniently located just past the dessert section. Sample the classic Irish hot toddy, Irish coffee, or whiskey sour.

Overall, this cookbook is a delightful culinary exploration of Irish culture. The only way to improve upon it would be to include measurement conversions for chefs who are unaccustomed to working with metric system units.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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