Heart’s Songs
by Kumar J. Sadhwani

"Your closed eyelids hold
Wisdom untold
Your innocence is manifold"

Poetry is the means by which the author expresses his emotional highs and lows in this massive volume of selected works. The primary theme in this book is love, and the subject matter ranges from familial love to losing a parent, and from the euphoria of romance to the anguish of a love lost. Featuring hundreds of poems, the poet draws from specific people and places in his life, telling the story of his own emotional turbulence and bravely laying himself bare to the audience. By opening windows into love, life, sickness, and loss, readers will feel a sense of familiarity with these poems and the souls and situations that inspired them, empathizing and relating to the poetic re-telling of one man’s journeys.

The first thing that stands out in this book is the sheer scope of it compared to many other volumes of poetry. With more than 300 poems, largely arranged alphabetically, this is a collection that takes time to read, let alone process. In terms of form, the vast majority of selections follow rigid rhyming structure, and the author’s choice of vocabulary becomes another identifying factor that draws the reader into the poet’s world. Family members and current or former lovers become the subject of repeated reflection, and so the universality of the sentiments expressed in the poems are balanced with the connection that readers make with the author over his precise experiences. This collection of poems is an opportunity to learn about the man who wrote them and what moves his heart. The size of the book gives readers the perks of plenty to enjoy while offering up as complete a picture as possible of the person who wrote them.

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