Heroes Don't Cry
by Bob Harris

"Cleverness is not the absence of strength, but the skill to use it effectively."

In the author’s dramatic story of good vs. evil, siblings Alex and Ambrose mourn the sudden death of their police officer father. Ambrose meets a mysterious older woman at his new job and takes her up on her offer to work on her ship. The siblings are soon kidnapped from their ship and taken to a beach, where they will remain unless they find Nicholas, the only person who can help them off the island. Alex and Ambrose get separated and each embarks on a journey full of danger, battle, magic, evil, friendship, and adventure. Will Ambrose allow the bitterness that remains after the death of his father to cloud his vision of the support and love coming from friends left behind? Will Alex discover her hidden strengths, and will they be enough to conquer the monsters on the island?

Harris combines tragedy, fairy tale, revenge, and the battle with one’s internal demons in this page-turning story. The rivalry of brothers Richard and Simon is reminiscent of biblical sibling rivalry, and the final battle between them is a fascinating wrap-up to this tale. Setting the majority of the novel at sea creatively provokes the imagination of the reader as one pictures the battles between various clans on the islands. This riveting novel shows the struggle of siblings overcoming grief after tragedy to rise up against evil forces.

Stylistically, Harris’ point of view is interesting. The storyline alternates between Alex’s battles with monsters and Ambrose’s challenges with himself and island creatures. At first, it is difficult to keep track of the multiple characters introduced throughout the story, but as the journey continues, the connections between clans and family members become clear. The author does a fantastic job setting the reader’s expectations high for a sequel.

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