"The conversation was basically dead after that exchange, and I left soon after. Not surprisingly, our short-lived six-week romance immediately started to taper off."

Prada shares with the audience her lack of luck when it comes to romance in this collection of eight moments of love, heartbreak, booze, and comedy. Beginning with Prada’s awkward years, it quickly becomes apparent that she has a hard time talking with and reciprocating the interest of boys her age. Once she reaches her thirties, the author's social awkwardness diminishes through social drinking and the bar scene; but now that she can talk to men, she finds that the ones that she’s interested in have their own negative qualities and issues that spill over into her own life. When love finds its way to her, it brings with it a fear of commitment, a drug problem, or a sweet-talking scheme after the honeymoon period of a new relationship passes.

Some people would share these stories in order to elicit pity or sympathy from the reader, as they inevitably have sour endings one after another. What makes this book work as an entertaining read is that the author presents them in a humorous way, making sure to laugh at herself before anyone else can respond. As a result, these stories are interesting not only because nearly any adult can relate to them but also because they cause the audience to laugh along at the all-too-familiar situations. Right down to the last pages, this book delivers chuckles and knowing smiles that resonate with its readers.

In order to move past unpleasantness, it is important to find something to take from it, even if it’s just an entertaining story. This book collects such stories from the author and shares them with the world so that we can all appreciate an absurdity that guises itself as a commonplace matter of the heart.

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