Horses for Courses: A Beginner’s Guide
by Russell S. Stokes
Xlibris AU

"Always let the horse know where you are. Talk to the horse. Make it aware of where you are standing."

Drawing from decades of experience as a jockey and trainer, the author provides critical and crucial information for those looking to acquire and care for their first horse or for those training brand new riders. Covering equipment basics, safety measures, basic riding techniques, and even grooming and stable maintenance, this first installment of three books provides a knowledgeable introduction to equine training and ownership.

Full of both historical and reference photographs and charts, novices can feel confident that they are following the advice collected in this manual. Straight from the mind of a seasoned professional and written with authority, each tip in this book is written with the purpose of keeping the rider or owner safe at all times while also providing the highest level of care for a horse. Each chapter of this book focuses on a single topic, so readers who need immediate advice or only have a blind spot in their horse knowledge can address it quickly.

The realities and responsibilities of caring for a horse are laid bare in this guide, so the book should be a prerequisite for any older children or teenagers who are determined to have their own horse. Those who are already skilled or experienced in working with horses will likely not find much new information here, but this is planned as only the first in a series of three volumes on the topic, each one increasing in complexity and difficulty. Direct and organized, this book might not tell you everything you need to know about owning, training, or riding a horse, but it’s hard to imagine a better place to start.

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