"...high maintenance of the mind, body, and soul are key factors in the process of becoming trapped to succeed!"

In this 297-page self-help book, Prince identifies roadblocks to success along with proven methods for overcoming. One roadblock is the temptation to give up when the path seems too hard or long. A strategy that works well is staying motivated with goals firmly in mind. How many people would be willing to stand outside a locked gate in the cold from 10 pm to 9 am to be the first contestant on The Price is Right? Prince did and won $10,000. Another strategy is picturing oneself already having the thing(s) desired. The author dressed nicely and was well-treated by sales clerks at expensive shops, knowing one day he could come back and purchase what he wanted.

As proof of his theories, the author relates his life stories as a young man who achieved personal success. Without credentials to back him, Prince set his mind on becoming a published author, actor, stand-up comedian, police officer, and psychologist working toward a Ph.D. His list of accomplishments is impressive, but, additionally, they provide case studies with data proving the success theory he calls “Trapped to Succeed” with its copyrighted equation.

Although the book’s effectiveness would be enhanced by additional editing, the thirteen case studies are still easy to read and highly inspirational. The author’s Christian viewpoint remains low-key so as not to alienate readers. This book is a cross between a motivational memoir and a thesis. The author claims that motivation is as important as staying healthy. Therefore, his psychological approach focuses on "Positive Talk Therapy," used to treat mild-to-moderate depression where medication is not necessary. Since negative thoughts affect a person’s mood and relationships with others, Prince as a therapist encourages positive talk to help make momentous changes. His book could prove very beneficial to those needing motivation on the road to success.

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