I HATE Money!
Understanding Your Financial Attitude
by Sarah Morehead BookBaby

"Understanding how to handle money starts with understanding your unique perspective on money, and how it came to be."

For individuals who simultaneously fear, love and hate money, Morehead writes a healthy, unvarnished primer on how to psychologically, physically, and mentally come to grips with money and your attitude toward it. An entertaining introduction traces her journey from money-dummy to Master Personal Financial Planner, followed by deceptively easy but insightful exercises to help you understand, value, and use money.

Step Oneuncovers your "money message" with exercises that honestly assess your deep-seated attitudes toward money. Does this inanimate and neutral medium of exchange represent filthy lucre or bountiful riches; chains or wings; a means or an end? Steps two and three pinpoint your financial attitudes and motivations and help you divide material from nonmaterial needs. Now you can divorce money from serving emotional needs and free it up to serve material needs, allowing talents and dreams to flourish.

In upbeat fashion, Morehead liquidates the language of finance—e.g., a liability, an asset, a stock, bond or mutual fund—into useable coinage for the non–business major. Plain instructions show how to take stock of your resources and turn them into assets and income at any stage in your life. A unique money matrix identifies and tracks emotional and fiscal needs. Bonuses include reminders not to gamble (invest) what you can't afford to lose, questions to ask financial professionals, a succinct appendix, and a basic glossary. From one who grew up hating her need for financial security comes a book that allows you to seize the power in your relationship with money.

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