"The book has locations (San Francisco, San Diego, Hong Kong, Santa Monica, Italy, etc.) and mostly people, musicians, celebrities, regular folks, children, moms and Dads, and even bums standing on the street corner – oh, and at least one nude. It’s a mix of just about everything. I’d like to think it will transport you there."

Celli presents artwork that weaves through the dynamic fabric of life–showcasing practically everything that can be interpreted in illustrations. Celli’s 50 years of experience shines through in every splashy illustration. Celli transports readers to another dimension via his skill at capturing “the moment” in his collection.

Celli’s back story goes like this: It took him thirty-five years to recapture his passion, to produce the array of illustrations featured here. Celli’s artwork, as he notes in the book, reflects the influence of illustrators such as Al Williamson (cartoonist), B. Krigstein (classic painter), Norman Rockwell (America culture painter), Edward Hopper (realist painter), Vittorio Giardino (comic artist), and Jonas Wood (contemporary artist).

Hopper, Giardino, and Wood are strongest influence that can be seen in Celli’s illustrations. They offer a swath of vibrant colors that bring various people and places depicted in the illustrations to life– readers might feel a special connection with some of these people, which includes women and children.

On page five, Celli serves up an interesting interpretation from a photo taken by James Watkins, titled “Crossing the Street in Style.” Depicted is a woman, confident in her choice of clothing, with a yellow hat and orange handbag, framed against the backdrop of an intersection on Kearny Street in San Francisco.

Of all the illustrations in this book, the most intriguing is on page sixty-two, titled “San Francisco Parrots”–intriguing because it’s amazing that Celli completed this illustration with the six parrots lined up and that none of the parrots flew away before he completed the illustration. Celli is in fine form here–in his element–and at his best!

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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