"… I don’t know why
I fell in love
With a stranger I have never seen
Should I search for the answers
Written in the stars . . ."

Poetry is one of the most natural and timeless forms used to express the emotional turmoil and nuances of romantic love. This collection features a number of beautifully illustrated love poems written to the author’s love interest, a man she hasn’t physically met, and probably, because of the miles that separate them, will never have the opportunity to meet. Matic proclaims him to be a teacher of “indigenous American backgrounds” from whom she has learned a great deal about the earth, nature, animals, and herself. The poet, a refugee from the former Yugoslavia in Eastern Europe, now resides in Australia where she is an avid and lifelong student who has studied theology, philosophy and classic languages. It was the lessons she learned from the subject of her “Stranger” poems, however, which she credits with teaching her the most valuable lessons of her life. Giving him the alias G.H. Eagle Spirit, she credits him with teaching her to “connect with nature” and to feel “a deep passionate love and respect for humankind as a whole,” lessons evident in her work.

Matic’s book of love poems is a celebration of her unexpected love for a man she’s never met yet feels as if she’s known forever. When reading the work, it is obvious the author has had a profound and deeply emotional experience. The collection includes poems of desperate longing, quiet reflection, and heartfelt praise. With honesty and courage, the poet examines the depth of her feelings as she bares her soul and heart to her love and the world. The illustrations enhance each poem with visual quality, adding a layer of meaning to the verse. Lovers of poetry, art, and the transformative power of love will find much to enjoy in Matic’s work.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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