"In 2006, the Lord spoke to me...America didn’t need you then, but now America needs you. I brought you to intercede for the land."

This 168-page book of biblical exposition and memoir has as its central theme the power of intercessors to rescue their families and nations from evil. Sections of the book include having a prayer closet and how to conduct spiritual warfare. Padmore tells of ways the Lord speaks to him and the importance of quick obedience. He explains what is meant by gates and keys to open them. Spiritual gates bar people from obeying God; intercessors are given the keys to unlock them. The remainder of the book describes amazing incidents that happened to the author in his African homeland where prayer worked to change political situations, restore life, and spread the gospel. He explains his method of PPP, the Power of Preaching in Prayer, by detailing results that occurred the first time applied.

Padmore describes being raised in a culture where the battle between good and evil is clearly manifest. Born the grandson of an African king, he was shielded from traditional practices of tribal elders. He credits his grandfather who wisely introduced the young man as his pastor. His book is an engaging and well-written volume, although an editorial polish could take it to the next level. The reader may question the author’s description of prophetic visions and dreams regarding current politics. To illustrate that intercessors will be asked by leaders to pray, Padmore records visions of former Presidents Bush and Obama requesting prayer. In addition, he predicts that President Trump will be harassed by Russia, Korea, and China. Readers who might wish to dismiss Padmore’s assertions may discover much by researching the facts/events in the political portion of this book. A list of scripture texts and a brief glossary are also helpfully included.

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