Joshua Called to Lead
by Dr. Boyd O. Gray

"A good leader can never be good apart from God, but human nature often rebels at this thought."

This book takes a close-up look at the biblical book of Joshua, the man who inherited his leadership of the Israelites from Moses and finally led his people into the Promised Land. Utilizing multiple versions and translations of the book as well as references to other books of the Bible, a more complete picture is given of Joshua, his trials, and the qualities of a good leader that he personified through a strict obedience to God. Spanning the time of Moses' death to the time of his own decline, this book studies how Joshua approached leadership and the example that he sets for leaders of all types in today's world. Though he may not be one of the first figures of the Bible that comes to many people's minds, in this examination his effectiveness and greatness come to the forefront to shine.

Read either on its own or as a biblical study companion, there is a lot of information and inspiration to draw from this book. The author considers all of the shortcomings of today's modern leaders, from clergymen and businessmen to politicians and presidents, and compares them to Joshua's style of leadership, finding the former lacking in their commitment to God. More confusing sections or less detailed accounts are fleshed out with explanations, and ideas are built on using both the Old Testament and the New Testament, hymns, and other cited reading material. Readers who want to find an example to follow will appreciate what this book has to offer: not necessarily any new or ground-breaking conclusions, but a dependable and proven account of Joshua's faith and the benefits that it yielded not just for him, but for those that he was put in charge of leading.

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