Launch Out
by Frank Ovec

"It is a thing of faith to be born of the spirit."

Ovec propounds a view of Christian faith based on his diligent religious study. In order to “launch out” as a true Christian, he states, there are two major kinds of baptism required. First, you must be baptized “in the water” as water symbolizes the seed of the lineage of Abraham. This baptism means accepting one’s God-ordained status as a Jewish person or as a Gentile, since the Gentiles, through the work of Jesus, have been “adopted” by God as joint heirs with the Jews. Secondly, you must be baptized “in the spirit.” This means to receive the power of the Holy Spirit, which will endow you with certain gifts. These could include healing or prophecy, whatever will bring about your edification, or the building up, of your spirit.

The author presents his points in a clear, organized way. He quotes from the Holy Bible so often that at times most of the information in a given section will be footnoted to that text. But there is also much of the narrative particular to Ovec’s personal study, linked to a powerful spiritual experience that led him to write about religion. He recalls that visionary occurrence several times, now seeing writing as his own special gift of the spirit. He has developed a unique vocabulary to present his ideas according to his own interpretations. One example is his repeated reference to water: to him, the Hebrew word “mayim” denotes springs of both water and semen—the seed of life. In multiple ways, the book expresses the author’s deep conviction that humankind must be born again and accept Jesus. Ovec’s views combine standard Christian doctrine with some new ideas of his own. His book could be helpful to a church study group focused on the significance of baptism.

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