Let There Be Light in Numbers	
by Rups Christ

"One way of knowing the nature of God is through numbers. That it has no beginning and has no end."

Throughout history, certain individuals and groups have assigned meaning to numbers. Classical mathematicians attempted to define "things-become" through the use of numbers, ala Pythagoras. Paganism designed a system of occultism around numbers, called divination by numbers. Gematria assigned numerical values to the Hebrew letters of the alphabet. These values were utilized in interpreting the Hebrew Old Testament.

In today's world, Christian theologians hold that certain numbers in the Bible symbolize abstract concepts. So does Rups Christ. Christ refers to his system as "alphanumeric fusion." He maintains that God communicates not only through words, but also through numbers. Numbers, according to Rup Christ, "are God's other means of keeping the faith." For example, alphanumeric fusion takes the number of the Beast, which is stated to be 666 in Revelation, and determines that the Beast was Albert Einstein. The formula goes like this: A and E (the first letters of his name) represent 1 + 5, which equals 6. Einstein's date of birth–March 14, 1879–provides the second 6. And the date of his death gives the third 6.

From this, Rups Christ deduces that "science split the atom by using the above formula (E=MC2) and the result was to disintegrate [mankind]. God sent me to demonstrate the same formula using the fusion approach that can lead us/US and the rest of the world into 'One.'" Let There Be Light In Numbers is full of such inferences and provides number-based explanations for most of mankind's virtues and woes, which makes it interesting reading as well as a compelling alternative and modern approach to ancient thinking.

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