Life: God's Plan - The Wonder of It All
by Helen Goldie
LitFire Publishing

"I pondered on those words. Could God be 'pleased' with us, the way we were living in this present age? I wondered."

From humble beginnings comes the opportunity for great works. Helen is a young girl in Canada who has survived life in the Great Depression and dreams of being a singer but who also has her chances vanish one after the other. Archie is the Scottish son of a miner who, after losing both of his parents rather suddenly, enlists in the Royal Air Force during World War II. Just a few years later, they are collaborating with their choirs for a special event in Canada, and a connection is made that will last a lifetime. Telling her and her husband’s story, Goldie recalls their marriage and their spiritual mission, traveling the globe and working at the forefront of the Baptist World Alliance before embarking on their own ministry.

By the author’s own admission in the introduction, she views herself as part of a “very ordinary couple, who have done nothing different with our lives, than thousands of others have done before us.” The reader may be inclined to disagree by the end of the book, but that grounded and humble perspective is something pervasive that keeps the author’s views consistent. From the unlikely circumstances that brought her together with her future husband to their globetrotting adventures as part of their ministry, Goldie is always putting God first and considering how best she can do His will. It will not take a background in faith to appreciate the accomplishments recorded in this book, and indeed the underlying message may serve to inspire its readers to seek out a more understanding relationship with God.

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