"The brave face is just a mask to hide from all those near
The loneliness, isolation, illness, pain, and fear"

Enabling the author to share her faith with a larger audience, this short collection of poems and devotionals will strengthen readers with a background in Christianity and inspire those who may not be inclined to daily worship. The focus of each poem ranges from nature to temptations, personal strength to the augmentations provided by faith in the Lord. Virtually every poem is accompanied by two enhancements: first, an original pencil framing by the book’s illustrator, Cath Chegwidden; and second, a devotional that combines scripture and prayer to give the reader a practical application for the emotions and ideas presented in the poem. With more than two dozen poems and nearly as many devotionals, this collection is designed to stir the hearts of its readers and call them to praise and thanksgiving.

The poetry in this book is honest and direct, preferring a simple approach that emphasizes the conveyance of emotions and ideas more than the dressings of fancy language. The striking illustrations that literally surround each poem provide those flourishes, giving the eye something to catch and enjoy, adding weight to every poem. The back of the book includes both a scriptural and general index so that readers looking for inspiration on a specific topic or wishing to supplement a particular Bible passage can find what they’re looking for. Brief but powerful, this collection of poetry really displays the strength of the author’s faith and manifests similar power into those that read it with an open mind and an open heart. Useful in any season, emotion, or circumstance, the words in this book can provide gladness in good times and stability in times of trouble.

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