Light of the Desert
by Lucette Walters

"Standing behind his partners, mesmerized by the flames, Moustafa watched with clenched teeth. The sinful girl was where she deserved to be—in hell…and he was free."

If stories of sweep and scope appeal to you, you’ll likely be caught up in this saga of a young woman’s incredible odyssey. Starting from a position of wealth and privilege, she finds herself thrust into unimaginably harrowing predicaments. But fate, fellow travelers, and her unremitting will to survive keep moving her toward a destiny she never could have possibly foreseen.

Noora is the oldest daughter of a highly successful Middle Eastern businessman. With some trepidation, he sends Noora and her sister away to college in England. Prior to a return home for the holidays, Noora is drugged by her scheming sister and tricked into unwittingly participating in seemingly lascivious behavior that is photographed by their bodyguard. The girls’ father, a devout Muslim, becomes so enraged at Noora’s apparent disregard for their family’s reputation that he beats and kills her… he thinks. But unbeknownst to him, Noora survives and begins an unbelievable journey from the depths of despair—a journey that will take her from Bedouin camps in the desert to scullery work in France to palatial palaces in Beverly Hills. But will it ever take her home to those who never stopped loving her?

Walters is a highly imaginative storyteller. Each episode she creates seems to be more compelling than the one that precedes it. Her characters are memorable. She imbues them with behavior and dialogue that quickly make you want to hate or cherish each one. Her depictions of exotic locations are painted with verbal brush strokes that enhance their allure. Exciting, adventurous, romantic—this is a big, sprawling novel with a confident writer at the helm. Put it on your list.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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