"I stood there with the man I loved, had never stopped loving, his arms around me and his breath on my neck…"

Second chance romance gets the Hollywood treatment in this story of a superstar actress and singer who witnesses a crime, is plunged into federal protection, and finds herself guarded by the lover who broke her heart more than a decade ago. Cat Connors is the kind of internationally recognizable star whose face evokes recognition in all corners of the world. Thus, when she finds herself the hit target of an angry cartel, a disguise is essential. When the government completes her makeover, even her former lover and new protector, Nathan, doesn’t recognize her… until he finally does.

Reuniting literary lovers requires a certain set of conditions for an effective, spark-filled do-over. First, there is availability—they have to be single, or close enough, that the reader can root for them as a couple without cringing over potential infidelities or collaterally damaged hearts. Second, prolonged proximity is required—they must be shoved together long enough to overcome old hurts and cultivate renewed attraction.

Cat and Nathan have these details covered. What their second act lacks in conflict and momentum, it compensates for with genuine love and sizzling sex appeal. It’s easy to see that these two loved each other once, and it’s hard to imagine them not loving again and for a long time to come. Killers and careers might temporarily derail them, but a woman so accustomed to success as Cat is likely to plow through obstacles to secure her prize and reclaim the life and love she always wanted. However, this book is the first in a trilogy about Cat and her sisters, and its cliffhanger ending suggests Cat and Nathan may have challenges ahead yet.

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