Love So True
by Stephen L. Vasilas
LitFire Publishing

"Now everyone in the room was chanting. 'Kiss him, kiss him.' And, boy, did they kiss."

Young, handsome business tycoon Xavier Chase seems to have the world in his fingertips. Men want to be like him, women want to be with him, and his technology company is wildly successful in the fields of electronics, video games, and weapons development. The thing that still eludes him, though, is the presence of his high school sweetheart and the woman he continues to save himself for—Leta Porter. Leta is the daughter of another powerful businessman, and while she reciprocates Xavier’s love, she has been promised in marriage to Logan Hays in order to strengthen her father’s business. There is also a shadowy blackmailer keeping her mother estranged. However, Xavier and Leta will stop at nothing to be reunited, and after Leta returns from being sent away to England, Xavier decides that he will do whatever it takes to be with the woman he loves, no matter the danger.

As was the case in Romeo and Juliet, Xavier and Leta’s love is approved of within their circles of friends, but those in power are determined to see them driven apart. The romance and the magnetism that the characters exert even as they are being separated is palpable, and readers will be compelled to see them achieve a happy ending. As adults, Xavier and Leta must re-acquaint themselves with each other in a way that feels natural for two people who have grown apart but desire to be close again. Unfortunately, car chases, helicopters, and Hollywood stuntmen disguised as ninja kidnappers complicate their journey. Though there is plenty of action as well as a tale of corporate intrigue, the focus of this story is certainly the romantic and sexual chemistry of its leads, and an audience receptive to that will be enamored with the story before them from start to finish.

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