"If you discover...that you don’t have this durability or resiliency to outlast your troubles, you need to make a way for your rescue."

The author states he is amazed at the attention people give to their natural lives—fully knowing they will end in a cemetery—but do not prepare for a life that continues afterward. This book was sparked by Piper’s determination to make sure that no one will be unprepared for eternal life. He systematically explains what the Bible says about this subject, taking time to define Christian vernacular for those to whom it is unfamiliar. He organizes short chapters in this book into five general sections about growth―from a newborn Christian to a road-weary pilgrim still pursuing grace and knowledge. Personal stories engage the reader. The book begins with the reader acknowledging the need for rescue along with samples from the author’s story illustrating the steps this entails. It ends with weightier issues, like how we should respond to the Lord’s gracious invitation.

Kudos to the author for writing a book that reads like a conversation between an admired counselor and a client. Over his life career, Piper has had much experience speaking one-on-one to people about the condition of their eternal soul. He has also experienced some of the doubt and confusion regarding eternal salvation that various churches introduce into their teachings. The reader would never guess that as a lad he was very timid and fearful, quitting at the first sign of difficulty. Now exhibiting courage and logic, Piper juxtaposes arguments with corroborating Biblical evidence. Following Jesus’ strategy of teaching with parables, this apologetic offering shines with gems extracted and polished from the author’s personal stories. Like an oarsman near the sinking Titanic, his immediate goal is to extend a helping hand to ship-wrecked compatriots, pulling them to the safety offered by a compassionate God.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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