Megan the Pet Whisperer: Megan's World Vol. 3
by Pamela Foland
Sonny's Legacy Publishing

"I feel so bad for Bentley. He is so terrified. Yes, please talk to him. Mary told me what a pet whisperer you are."

Megan, like many girls her age, is growing up unsure of what to pursue in her future or what kind of woman she wants to be. Fourteen weeks ago, she rescued a litter of day-old kittens, and that chance encounter has given Megan the direction she lacked before. Now she owns a pet-sitting business and is becoming fast friends with the local veterinarian and his office. When the vet has to go away on business, he tasks the responsible and caring Megan with a rather unique job—sitting the frightened and difficult capuchin monkey in his office. Megan spends day after day working with Monty the monkey and other difficult pets, eager to prove herself as more than just a kid. Before long, she acquires a reputation as a "pet whisperer," but she struggles to be honest when she believes she can do more than she's responsible for.

Megan's charmed, animal-filled life is something that a lot of teenaged children, boys or girls, eagerly enter. Through this series of books, young readers learn how to care properly for pets of all kinds, as well as potentially inspiring a desire to pursue veterinary science as a career path. The kittens take a bit of a reduced role in this installment, serving as a grounding force for Megan and something she yearns to come home to. Instead, the pages are full of interesting challenges for Megan like befriending Monty, creating a friendly environment for Cooper the homesick dog and Sassy the aggressive cat, and soothing Bentley, a young German shepherd who has become territorial and problematic in the vet's office. This series makes for delightful reading for any child enamored with the animal kingdom and provides entertainment and education in equal doses.

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