"God heard my pleas and answered my cries for help from him."

Afflicted by many physical sufferings in the course of her life, the author shares the special relationship with God that helped her at every step of the way. Major troubles began after an auto accident left her with an aching arm. When the usual therapies did not bring relief, it was discovered that she had bone cancer, requiring extensive radiation treatments. A practicing Catholic who had actively “received the Holy Spirit into my life” as a teenager, Oman reacted to the diagnosis with near constant prayer and with acceptance which she believes helped her face the events that followed. Later, she developed plasmacytoma and multiple myeloma, experiences she shares in detail, including many seemingly miraculous occurrences and answered prayers. Her husband was a wonderful caregiver; she continued her favorite activities—sewing and quilting—and attended a cancer camp. After years of struggle with the disease, she was pronounced cancer-free, and even her doctor said it was a miracle.

Oman writes with confidence and conviction, determined to convey the strength and comfort she derives from her religious faith both through crisis and after crisis. She enhances her book by including photographs of family and friends and with descriptions of long road trips that she and her husband were able to take during any lull in her physical distress. Her recollections are not without humor, and she details her treatments and reactions competently. She concludes with a section on prayers, both her own personal ones and those of the Catholic lexicon, followed by a short list of helpful suggestions such as using plastic utensils to combat the metallic taste brought on by certain medications, the general avoidance of sugar, and the consumption of antioxidant foods. Her book can serve as both an inspiration and guide for those undergoing cancer treatment and for their caregivers.

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