"It all started about five years ago when those terrible nightmares returned. That's when those terrible thoughts started coming into focus - the dark side."

Miranda had just finished her first semester of college and life was good. She came from a small town and a loving, supportive family that would do anything for her. She was also a couple of months into a relationship with a young man that she was falling deeply in love with. But one traumatic night as she was on her way to visit her boyfriend, her life would change forever, and she would experience something that she would never truly be able to overcome.

Time would eventually pass, and Miranda would settle into her new life as a police officer, all the while dealing with internal struggles that neither her parents nor her husband knew anything about. She would soon find herself at an emotionally perilous crossroad in which she would either have to bury her past for good or allow these past experiences to overwhelm her mental state and guide her down a dark path from which there was no return.

In chronicling Miranda’s story from when she underwent that devastating event as a teenager and on through her adulthood, the author demonstrates just how difficult it is to tell what someone has gone through in their past—and the many ways that those events may affect the person they are today. The author holds no punches with her powerful verbiage that allows readers to feel what Miranda had been through and what she had become. Drawing on a true story to complete this fictional work, Allemeersch shows just what can happen when very bad things happen to good people.

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