More Prayer Thoughts II: Praying Scriptures with God Power
by Orva Lynn Kaufmann
ReadersMagnet, LLC

"Read your thoughts from your journal or scriptures out loud to change the atmosphere to praise and joyous sounds to the LORD."

In this second collection of sermons, prayers, and reflections, the reader is exposed to even more biblical passages that will help them through a crisis or difficulty. The content can also be used to properly celebrate the blessings of abundant life. Each chapter, of which there are nearly three dozen, introduces a concept such as natural disasters, proper communication with God, or seasonal celebrations like Valentine’s Day or Advent. After the theme is established, the author provides verse after verse of the Bible to strengthen that point from both the Old and New Testaments. At the end of the book, a "Prayer Sampler" section is also featured, offering prominent and well-known prayers such as the Lord’s Prayer, a selection of psalms, and Daniel’s prayer.

Versatile and wide in scope, this book can function as a supplement to Bible study or as a source of daily inspiration. By intertwining modern relevance to the ancient wisdom of the Bible, this resource is particularly helpful for those just getting acquainted with the Word of God. Each selection contains a full page where readers can write down their own notes, personal feelings, or additional verses that they find relevant to the subject of discussion. The author devotes most of each page to the collection and arrangement of biblical quotes, leaving interpretation and application almost entirely up to the reader. In this way, a certain way of thinking is not being taken literally, but, instead, an invitation is laid out for the reader to meditate on and fully consume what is being said. Whether utilized as a collection of new and appropriate prayers or as a guide for applying Scripture to everyday life, this comprehensive collection proves to be a valuable resource.

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