Moses v. Trump: A Contemporary Novel
by David M. Dorsen
Collusive Publishing

"...supporters mobbed Kruiser and Moses...Kruiser had won. Trump had lost."

This 288-page novel investigates the possibility of a sitting American President being sued in court and forced to account for statements made publicly in social media. Accountability versus free speech is an on-going dilemma. With a background in the law, it is only logical that the author takes this discussion into an imaginary court.

Two judges try cases that rattle America’s media due to characters with strong personalities: Kate Kruiser, Moses her lawyer, and President Donald Trump. The first case revolves around the alleged perjury of Trump-appointed Secretary Kruiser regarding illegal aliens. The main character, Judge Jason, serves as counsel. The second case convenes in Judge Jason’s court and deals with reported bribery and whether social media statements are subject to charges of libel. Each judge must interpret issues that the Founding Fathers—limited to ink wells, quills, and hand-printed newspapers—never considered due to the significant impact technology has on communications.

Dorsen gives his characters political statements that challenge readers. For example, “Would Trump succeed in breaking down barriers between church and state?” Another thought-provoking statement is this one: “The President is the equal of the other branches of the government. He has his own obligation to construe the constitution...”

The author’s knowledge of law courts guarantees that his main characters shine in their native environment. Measures of respite from the courtroom drama come as Jason and his son deal with the recent loss of their wife/mother. Also, Dorsen reveals surprising talents for identifying fine wines and the ability to add a dash of levity in the last name choices for a bevy of less than three-dimensional lawyers. This book is also important due to the author’s status. Readers who know that Dorsen served as Chief Counsel of the Senate Watergate Committee will expect anti-Republican/Christian opinions and bad Trump behavior to be included. They will not be disappointed.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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