Ms. Pretty Rickey: The Street Sweeper
by Bryneen K. Gary
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"Turn to a Fresh page, roll the dice, here’s a moment of truth
To see an eye for an eye and a tooth..."

Street life is this poet’s forte, telling it like she sees it and having the fresh viewpoint of someone of another ethnicity/culture. This book combines a wide range of Gary’s poetry written over the years since her teens. Significant poems cover timely topics that need to be addressed for this age and by a spokesperson from the author’s generation.

“Good Communication” asserts that life’s greatest gifts may come with a disguise. While a sexual relationship is the focus, insights can apply to all other types of communication. “New Religion” brings the reader along on a trip around the world to overcome ignorance about the Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist religions. “Dirty Money” presents a teen’s disillusionment with this broken world where the rich can wreck lives of others but avoid jail time. “Normalcy in Life” insists that positive thinking, rather than broken promises, should awaken us each morning. It is how these troubles are handled that defines us. “A Rhyme Fest” switches tempo to end the book with a comical take on political figures Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Crunk (Trump).

Having many years of experience as a poet under her belt, Gary easily reaches her street-wise audience by mixing rap and rhyme in ten-beat stanzas. Her topics whet the reader’s appetite with a sophisticated alphabet soup―a train of thought tossed with media buzzwords―swimming in a refreshing broth of logic. As once was said about the talks of American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, Gary could take almost any number of her brilliant couplets and reassemble them into an equally galvanizing poem.

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