My Diary
by Annan Jazz Von

"... If street's been blocked
open to a new road. If lost in direction, which
way to go, follow the flow through the road to
go, go. ..."

This book contains a collection of verses perhaps better suited to be referred to as songs rather than poems. The author's style portrays melody in writing and even more abstract-in-writing concepts such as staccato vowel sounds, instrumental breaks, and chord progressions. Writing on topics like romance, hope, introspection, dreams, the quest for fame, and faith, each one of these poems carries a distinct rhythm and meter, but the vocalizations they provide leave some interpretation in that regard up to the reader. The author composed this work beginning in her childhood, and though she is still quite young, they reflect a series of turbulent emotions culminating in self-acceptance and celebration. Written with a style and substance unlike hardly anything else out there, these poems and songs are the intersection of writing and music.

When you consider the average book of poetry in terms of length, this collection has a healthy surplus of content. In terms of songs on an album, the nearly 200 selections in this book is larger than almost any box set or anthology of a musician's career. The style and cadence of each of these songs is unique, and readers of poetry will find something in this book that they almost certainly have not seen anywhere else. The author expresses her wish to uplift people in their times of struggle, and the upbeat nature of almost the entire book makes it difficult not to smile while reading it. Though it deviates from the norm, the personal touch and unique style are perfect for those looking for something new, or for music lovers looking for a bridge into the world of poetry.

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