My First Trip to the Dentist
by Carolyn N. Paulino

"‘Open big like an alligator,’ said the dentist, and she started saying the ABCs to count my teeth."

A young boy is excited to share about his first trip to the dentist’s office. He delights in the play area of the waiting room, gives a thumbs up for the really cool chair where he meets the dentist, and recalls the special tooth counter and mirror she uses. Once he is thoroughly checked out, the dentist gives him a clean bill of health and tells him she is impressed with his sugar-free teeth. Then, to complete a terrific dental appointment, the boy gets a goodie bag complete with toothpaste, a toothbrush, and some floss. His first trip to the dentist is such a great experience that he cannot wait to go back again!

Many people, unfortunately, have a bad experience at the dentist at one time or another. Thus, books such as these are important for insight and positive narratives of dental visits, and especially so for young children. As a Certified Dental Assistant, Paulino presents a simple, entertaining, and colorful picture book of a visit to the dentist that is appealing and written from expertise. It is a gentle approach to and a good tool for parents to subtly prepare their little ones for the upcoming first time at the dentist. With positivity, the boy’s first-person perspective connects well with children as he provides a clear run-through of the different steps involved from beginning to end. Paulino's book succeeds with the important message it conveys. Also worth noting are the terrific illustrations from Sierra Mon Ann Vidal that accompany the story

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