My Travel Adventures and Secret Recipes
by Chef Wolfgang Hanau

"The meat, dark red in color, was sliced very thin to preserve all the flavor. The air was filled with the aromas of the geese and freshly baked bread."

My Travel Adventures and Secret Recipes is a memoir hidden between the pages of a cookbook. It tells the life story of chef Wolfgang Hanau from his humble beginnings in East Prussia to the launch of his career in New York. Along his travels, Hanau served as a cook on a cruise ship, rode on the backs of elephants in Casablanca, and took part in many other adventures. Wherever he went, he took his love of food with him. Hanau's memoir stirs up poignant memories of his past, filled with the aroma of cooking food.

Hanau's writing feels personal and pleasantly ambling. Reading his memoir you almost feel as though you were sitting with him by a fireplace as he regaled you with tales of his past. With every tale he infuses his recipes with a bit of history. You're not just making apple pancakes; you're making his mother's famous apple pancakes. This little touch transforms excellent recipes into extraordinary ones.

Although the memoir adds flavor, the real star of this book is the collection of recipes. Over 200 mouth-watering dishes are gathered in the second half of the book, with many more interspersed between the pages of the memoir. The recipes are inspired by cuisines from all over the world, from New Orleans shrimp to Thai steak. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the recipes are exotic and sophisticated without being over-complicated. Hanau has managed to put together a book that will thrill both memoir lovers and foodies. He leaves us hungry for the promise of more stories and recipes in a sequel.

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