Nightmare Enemy, Dream Friend
by Jerry Blanton

"The news spread throughout the boat and stunned everyone. The main speculation was on the possibility of going to war with America."

The majority of this novel details a German man's formative years and his exploits as a U-boat commander in the Second World War. It’s a sweeping saga of one man’s journey through some of the most turbulent times the world has ever known.

At home, Luther is raised with Christian values. At school, he excels as both student and athlete. His physical prowess also finds outlets in bed with very different kinds of women. Yet he realizes sex is not love and is drawn to one he will ultimately make his wife. Throughout his ascendance to manhood, he is surrounded by the rise of the Nazi party. While he deplores their concept of a master race, he cannot escape their stifling control. Eventually, to provide for his family, he joins the German Navy where he’s thrust into combat on the high seas.

Blanton is a consummate storyteller, surrounding his protagonist’s trek through life with vivid images of a world on the brink. The decadence of the privileged classes, the degradation of anti-Semitism, the warped philosophy of The Third Reich—they’re all translated into situations and behaviors that affect both Luther and the reader. Blanton also proves skilled at depicting action sequences. His battles are packed with suspense as Luther tries to balance allegiance to his country with faithfulness to God. This is a story of a good man’s challenges in the worst of times. It reminds us that no matter which side one is on, there is a right way and a wrong way to live life even in the midst of war.

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