Nila's Babies
by Jac Simensen
Cosmic Egg Books

"Lilith and Hattie, her pale daughter, were condemned by the gods to eternal life and they both walk the earth today, just as you do."

After Gordon Hale’s wife dies from cancer, leaving him with two twin baby girls to raise, his sister convinces him to get a nanny. Nila Rawlings, with her years of experience and good-natured experience, is the perfect match. Soon, she and Gordon fall in love, and they live together in harmony with the twins, planning the next phase of their life. However, Gordon and Nila’s new bliss is threatened by the schemes of Gordon’s next-door neighbors, Myra Silk and her aide, Hattie. Myra is, in fact, possessed by the ancient Lilith. After taking over a newer, younger body, she starts to plan the takeover of the Hales, including the babies. The only way to protect the twins and Gordon lies within Nila.

Utilizing myths from Christian, pagan, and Ashanti beliefs, this horror novel is a fast-paced guilty pleasure of sex, violence, and dark magic. The author does a great job of providing a balance between the gritty, gory moments and the sweet, happy moments using the two characters of Lilith and Nila, who are essentially foils for each other. Lilith’s character is more riveting, partially because of her historical backstory of being kicked out of Eden, but also because of her pure enjoyment in being bad. Nila, on the other hand, is young, hopeful, and a source of positive, nurturing energy. But she still has a power that probably rivals Lilith’s own. As the first book in a series, the author does a great job of laying down the foundation without giving too much away, only hinting at the power of its characters and what’s to come in subsequent books.

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