"The prophecies and their fulfillment is the ultimate proof of the Messiah along with the resurrection."

The author was surprised to discover that many people lack knowledge concerning Old Testament prophecies fulfilled by the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth. While listening to a group's attempt to discuss prophecies without understanding their origin, the author conceived the idea for this book. He would create a unified version of Jesus' life accompanied by the specific Messianic prophecies that were fulfilled.

Three years after the start of his project, and several interim passes through the KJV New Testament, Aldrich has assembled a chronological narrative based on accounts given by the writers of the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Also considered are bits of the gospel record from Luke's book of Acts and Paul's letter to the church at Corinth. Alongside the text narrative, a box connects that portion of the gospel with one of the hundred prophetic verses from the Old Testament.

Aldrich has always been fascinated by Biblical prophecy, since his birth year (1948) coincides with the year Israel became a country per charter of the United Nations. Nine near-death experiences motivated him to answer a call to serve God. Thus began years of research and acquisition of a massive library with many books on end-time prophecy. The author and his wife travelled to Israel and Egypt as part of ongoing research.

Bonus features include 24-hour timelines of events that occurred on the week of Passover, Good Friday, and Resurrection, leading up to and following Jesus' crucifixion. Maps show routes travelled by gospel characters including the trips of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem and then Egypt, places where Jesus and his disciples preached around Capernaum, and the triumphal entry route into Jerusalem. This book would make a perfect gift for new Biblical students and pastors.

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