Perseaus: The Ferret Books, vol 2
by C. C. Wyatt
Me Myself Publishing

"All this time wondering who was this person Perseaus was in love with, it suddenly dawned on me that it was he all along."

In the second book in the Ferret series, Pia Wade returns to Florida after walking away from a scholarship to Harvard in order to make sense of her life. Shortly after returning to Florida, Pia begins to have visions again, though they seem fragmented and don’t seem to make any sense. Pia reunites with her boyfriend Cameron, supporting him through a skateboarding competition despite her premonitions that something bad will happen. Not making things easier is Ebay, a fellow skater who seems to know Pia even though she doesn’t know him. Beyond all of this, there’s also a shocking discovery for Pia to make about the magical land of Massouvia, and about this person Perseaus, a dedicated young woman determined to join the ranks of humanity.

With elements of romance, drama, and just a touch of fantasy, this young adult book will grab the attention of its readers and have them wondering along with Pia about the unexplainable phenomenon in her life. There are plenty of allusions to the events of the previous book in this series, and the mysterious island that Pia and her friends wound up on, but the author does a good job of only saying just enough to keep readers from being confused while encouraging them to go back and read the first book if they haven’t done so already. Pia and her friends create a diverse, interesting cast of characters, and the author creates a living, vibrant setting that the audience will get absorbed by until the very end.

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