Pikes Peak, America's Mountain
by Jack Denton

"Pikes Peak’s massive size and beauty in all seasons is pure joy for my artist soul."

Denton’s collection of 100 beautifully reproduced landscapes produced during his six-year endeavor to capture the ever-changing beauty of Pikes Peak portrays this huge, granite mountain located near Colorado Springs, Colorado, during every season. His choice of vistas is varied, with each exuding its own charm and array of colors.

Though the artist has a view of Pikes Peak from his studio, his preferred way of painting the mountain is en plein air (painting outdoors), which can prove trying and dangerous at times because of the weather’s unpredictable nature. However, this can also prove fortunate, like the time when a sudden influx of clouds engulfed the peak within minutes, resulting in the painting Sea of Clouds in which only the mountain’s pinnacle is seen through a haunting haze of clouds.

This dedication to truly portraying Pikes Peak and its surrounding vistas has resulted in a comprehensive collection of landscapes. Further enhancing the viewer’s enjoyment and understanding of the paintings, the artist includes a statement about either his process or the particular vantage point from which he paints each of his paintings. These personal notes give readers a deeper appreciation for Denton’s undertaking.

Denton’s work is breathtaking. Each reproduced painting emanates not only the grandeur of its subject but also the passion of its creator. At times desolate, at times full of life, Pikes Peak morphs with each season under the brush strokes of this master painter. Whether surrounded by blue larkspur as in Meadows of Larkspur or barely visible as in Sea of Clouds, the mountain’s exquisite grandeur shines through each painting. Denton’s passion for this area of Colorado is evident in each of his landscapes. His book is a lovely interpretation of one of nature’s most beautiful offerings.

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