Poetry: A Mind of Is Own
by Sonja Conta

"I want to travel, see the world,
My sails unfurled.
And clear my brain
Before I wane."

The poetry in this collection varies from topic to topic, but as the name of the book implies, the common thread tying these works together is their spur-of-the-moment inspiration. Compiling more than three dozen poems, Conta writes about the joys of friendship and romance, living the good life in exotic destinations or historical landmarks, struggling with the death of a loved one, and dealing with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. Though the subject matter can be at times reflective or realistic about the difficulties of life, the author frequently looks for the silver lining and presents her poems with an accessible, light-hearted style.

Full of positive vibes and fun, fond memories, these poems are perfect for a midday pick-me-up or for sharing with cherished friends and family. Many of the poems in this book follow a consistent rhyming scheme and a quatrain-focused structure, but the author does show off her ability to pivot on form when necessary as easily as she flows from one subject to the next. Each poem lasts only a page or two at most, and some come with notes from the author about her circumstances or inspiration for writing that particular piece. The upbeat poems are breezy and fun, while the more serious matters carry an appropriate amount of gravity but also prove to be inspiring and empowering. Written over a period of eight years, the emotional spectrum is well captured here and filtered through the unique perspective of its author. Perfect for a brisk read, easy to understand, and full of hope, reverence, and reminiscing, these poems do an admirable job of expressing the author’s voice to a wider but still intimate audience.

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