Power Seekers: Book 1
by Peter Nagle
Xlibris AU

"'They really believed my bullshit that the left was ready for a do-or-die fight. I bluffed them well, friend.'"

Behind the suits and ties and polished appearances of politicians at any level, there’s a darker side to the government that tries its hardest to stay out of the light. Richard Harris, Paul Durham, and Kyle Powell are three young parliamentarians in Australia who are tired of being in the minority. Stuck behind a long-standing candidate that many view as unelectable, Harris puts into motion a political maneuver that will thrust the handsome and well-spoken Durham into the race for Prime Minister instead of the expected George Bryant. But every action has an equal reaction, and as Harris and his triumvirate make a play for their own political gain, they’ll not only have to contend with the opposition but also those within their own group who might want to stop them from pushing past them.

While no doubt inspired by the author’s experiences working as a state member of parliament for over a decade, he assures the audience that this is entirely a work of fiction and not meant to reflect any real-world figures. The most striking feature of this story is its kinetic dialogue, perfectly capturing shady back-room deals and the duality of trying to do good for yourself and for the people you represent. Setting up a trilogy that follows Richard Harris’s political career, this book skips a lot of exposition, choosing to get right into the meat of the story. The appendices are extremely helpful for filling in any gaps, and this choice lets the drama and humanity take center stage from the introductory chapters. Anyone with an interest in the true face of political maneuvering or a love for snappy, realistic dialogue will fall right in line with this book and become enamored with its cast of characters.

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