Prayer with God
by Veronica O'Connor
Stratton Press, LLC

"People of faith depend immensely on prayer because it’s a vital weapon in the hands of all believers."

From early childhood, author O’Connor was taught to pray. From the simple rhyming prayers of her youth to very sophisticated prayers for a variety of complicated, adult situations, she has created not only a collection of communications with God but a reasonable case for praying at all times and in all places.

The author understands how vital prayer is for mankind. Humans have a need to connect with the Almighty, and prayer provides that link. Prayer offers satisfaction, even to small children. It can be shouted, sung, or unspoken. Prayer to God keeps us from temptation, offers comfort in times of need and sorrow, or simply helps us through our daily routine. We can ask God for help through our prayers. The result of our prayers can be forgiveness, healing, even financial improvement. Cognizant of how varied the needs for prayer are, O’Connor offers her own deftly composed prayers to the Lord, for the family, for places, times of day, thanks, for our nation, for specific situations, and those offered up at the end of our lives or at the passing of loved ones.

O’Connor’s church experience began in her birthplace in Jamaica and has continued now that she lives in Canada. She states that at age 60 she is a “product of prayer.” The prayers she has composed here have an undeniable fervor bordering on elegance while retaining an earthy, human quality. Her “Prayer for the Sick” is an example of her direct language: “Sluice out diabetes, O Lord! It’s too sweet for my blood.” Among the prayers for places is a realistic plea concerning bathroom functions. Through this modest guide, O’Connor may well inspire others of her faith to reconsider and reconstruct their personal prayer life.

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