"The Holy Spirit wants to live in you."

This volume serves as a Christian “prescription” that “moves the soul to a new mental or spiritual awareness” as directed by the Great Physician, Jesus Christ, via the biblical Word of God. The many metaphorical prescriptions within the chapters are offered to heal those who are broken-hearted, who are imprisoned in various forms of ill health or error, and as a wake-up call for those not yet acquainted with the Great Physician.

Dean systematically draws the reader into her Bible-based philosophy through the basic tenets of Christian theology (with some metaphysical Christian overtones) in pithy, accessible prose. She often uses metaphorical devices such as comparing one’s life to tending a garden to impart her techniques. The teachings include topics such as attaining peace of mind, aligning one’s personal, social, and business lives to a higher purpose, treating one’s body as a temple to attain physical as well as spiritual health, and working with the power of prayer to heal body, mind, and spirit.

The foundation of all prescriptions in this volume is the Word of God, and Dean sprinkles the text with relevant Bible verses familiar to Christian spiritual seekers. The book’s premise is based upon the loving nature of God and the universe, and the reader is guided to understand how to tend one’s spiritual garden, how to become a loving spiritual warrior to resist temptation and evil, and how to handle more practical, earthly matters such as worry, stress, and the power of forgiveness. Overall, this attractive little book will inspire joy and healing for those who seek a practical, grounded path to Christian awareness.

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