Princess Amber
by Margaret Wright

"It is the heart of a true princess to dance upon the stage…the walking stick (her old faithful friend) simply had to go for a princess ballerina works upon her toes."

Princess Amber loves cooking, gymnastics, jumping on the trampoline, climbing high on the bars in the gym, and even doing homework since she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. But Amber’s greatest desire is to dance as a beautiful ballerina. However, Princess Amber is born with a very restrictive medical condition that makes her walk with a cane. With great determination and practice, Amber does eventually dance without her cane, leaving not one dry eye in the fascinated audience.

Princess Amber is a heartwarming story of a child born with a severe medical condition limiting her ability to walk yet who never lets it stop her from accomplishing her dreams. Although Amber had a short life, she grasped the hearts of many and even had an international following of her dance. In this passionate story, Wright has created an unforgettable and enchanting story about a critically disabled student in her class that worked tirelessly to overcome every obstacle hurled at her in life. By overcoming these obstacles, Amber amassed cherished attention around the world. Wright tells of Amber’s ability to clutch the heart of the Lion’s Club in Australia which hosted her dancing. Through this, Wright describes how Amber then retained the attention of the Governor of Australia, who made a new playground for Amber’s school and even invited her to come to a Christmas party at her home. By writing this story about this brave little girl, Wright has shown all her readers that no matter what obstacles you have in life, you can persevere over anything.

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