Quasar Mirror
by Stephen McCoy

"The most dangerous possibility is the quasar, and if that reaches us, it will vaporize the Osprey."

The Osprey is a mining ship with an expert crew of six. Osprey's commander Captain Kenneth Winter has the assistance of his wife and chief engineer Susan Winter, executive officer Thomas Callaway, payload specialist Denise Klum, John Minestone, and Mario Gomez. The Osprey has two missions: retrieval of diamond and gold ores mined on Jupiter's moon Io and delivery of emergency medical supplies to La Grange on Jupiter's moon Ganymede. However, during the mission, Saturn's two moons collide, creating a quasar. While the quasar threatens to destroy the Osprey, it also warps time, putting the lives of the crew at high risk. Chaos ensues when all communication is lost with the Earth base. Caught in the time crisis where the ship seems to be moving backward from 2151 to 2015, the crew must battle untimely deaths, technical disasters, hidden enemy clone, and food and water shortage to return safely to Earth.

McCoy crafts a high-intensity adventure story centered on space travel. Using the experiences of the crew with the quasar, he focuses on the unpredictable dangers of space and their consequences. Like the science fiction film Gravity, here situations often spin out of control. Denise dies when her helmet shatters from an explosion during her spacewalk, while the captain gets severely burned from exposure to quasar blast. The crew's collective mental strength is depicted as they strategize new tactics for survival. How human relationships motivate the crew in times of danger is beautifully portrayed through their relationships with their own families. Thus, it is heartwarming when John meets his great-great-grandfather, Johnathon Minestone, backward in time. McCoy's deep understanding of science and space exploration, along with the plot's high-speed action and suspense, will definitely appeal to science fiction fans. It's a riveting story of humanity's fate against the vast, unforgiving space.

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