Quotes: Humbled but, yet Eloquent
by Winifred Lee Richardson

"Time is of the essence. Time will not wait for you, so prepare, study, and put on the armor of God."

Centered on humbleness, hope, and faith, this compilation provides an assortment of feel-good sayings and quotes interspersed with poetry and photographs that fully convey Richardson’s emotions and optimism toward life. For instance, her “humble+humble=humbleness” formula, though simple in theory, is particularly thought-provoking because it shows the merits of an unassuming life of humility. While Richardson initially shared quotes from her book during her fiftieth birthday celebration, the book provides wisdom that is beneficial to all audiences.

From butterflies and flowers to candles and soaring birds, the pictures, just as the words, speak to the uplifting purpose of the author. In poems like “Life’s A Struggle,” Richardson acknowledges that there will be ups and downs but counsels her audience to simply have perspective and take life one day at a time. Though the poetry does not exhibit any exquisite rhyme scheme or use of figurative language, its raw and authentic qualities more than suffice. Richardson’s pages of quotes exude maternal love and are reminiscent of what a mother would tell her child as he prepares to pave his path in the world. The quotes cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to freedom, family, and procrastination; however, its core revolves around faith, love, and giving unconditionally. Toward the tail end of the book, Richardson initiates the ultimate act of genuineness and humility by inviting her audience to connect with photographs of her own family. Overall, this collection is a gift of wisdom wrapped in faith, an intriguing lesson on the power of humility and having the right attitude toward life.

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