"He’d lived with an enemy agent for months without realizing it. Worse than that, Petra didn’t trust him because he’d sent an innocent civilian to his death."

This fast-paced tale of international intrigue is an absolute page-turner—in the best sense. It begins with a tide of cascading events playing out simultaneously in multiple countries. At first, it’s difficult to know the players without a program, but the author proves exceptionally skilled at moving the chess pieces around her literary game board, and in no time you’re totally absorbed in pursuing checkmate.

Petra is the heroine of this tale. She’s a young, beautiful, and damaged intelligence agent desperately trying to recover from the emotional scars of her last assignment—a Middle Eastern escapade that forced her to jeopardize not only her own sense of right and wrong but also the man she loved. On leave of absence from her clandestine agency, she’s abruptly thrust back into a swirling world of spies, lies, and lethality playing out from Paris to Russia to both coasts of the United States. Before she knows it, she’s back in the game and neck-deep in attempts to unravel a mystery, unearth a mole, and thwart efforts to unleash international terrorism on a horrific scale. As if that weren’t enough, her former lover also winds up in the mix, reopening a wound to her heart that has never completely healed.

This is actually the second novel in a three-book series. To her credit, Guha seamlessly interweaves just enough backstory to help readers understand characters’ motivations and behaviors without slowing the story. She writes crisply and cleanly while injecting appropriate levels of detail that enhance credibility. If top-notch storytelling and multinational mysteries are on your reading itinerary, you would do well to have your passport stamped with Road To Redemption.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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